The Unusual Life

The life were born into can sometimes be, well, less then ordinary. A young boy from a small town in Illinois deals with the average teenagers troubles. Girls, homework, teachers, and on occasion small, sharp toothed, bald midgets bound to screw with your day. Sounds like the life right?


2. Paying off Debts


My day started off with a call from Grandma Barbie, her chipper voice singing in my ear as I grumbled answers back to her with sleep still in my eye. I believe I just agreed to a day at the mall with her as I was trying to convince myself it was time to get up. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and did my best to get my shaggy black hair away from my face and deep chocolate brown eyes. But as always the flying strands of medusas head enveloped my face again. I pulled on my favorite pair of jeans as I heard the honk of the horn and that piper little voice chiming out to me " Noah! Come on! Time to go! I've got just uber loads of fun planned!"

 The woman can get on my nerves sometimes but she tends to add some more spice to my life that makes me feel like a small child. My grandmother met me at the stairs. Her hair spiked back in an unusual color of candy apple red. She giggled after noticing I saw it explaining that it was suppose to be a strawberry blonde but decide she'd have some fun. Bare in mind my grandma use to be a pin up girl. Tweaking her body was a daily part of life for her. In her prime she decided to enlarge her chest. Now anytime she tries to move in her car her melons blare on the horn for her. She chippered as we walked out to the car about a friend of a friend having a gorgeous granddaughter that we should "have a play date with". I ducked into burgundy Mustang with leather interior. The onyx leather was cool and refreshing compared to the stifling sticky summer air. I glanced to the Sebring house where my best friend lives and noticed something was off. Something was just not sitting with me right. 

Barbie Barker stepped in and without a second of hesitation dropped it in gear slammed on the accelerator and whipped the car out of the driveway with the squealing of the tires. The first time you drive with my mother’s side of the family you cling to anything and brace yourself for impact. But after being a Barker for all your life you get use to the stunt car driver mentality. We sped through the little town only catching glimpses of foliage and houses. We hit the interstate with a rapid acceleration weaving in and out of cars. Hearing a symphony of blaring horns rising and falling as we hit hyper speed and aggravate fellow motorists. 

When we arrived at the mall in the neighboring city I popped the door open and felt the sticky hot weather begin to envelop me, A typical Midwest summer. Grandma Barb galloped ahead heading for her favorite stores. We started at Abercrombie and Fitch to my displeasure. Though I must say it is comical to see the Crombie Zombies and Fitchetes with their up turned noses, watch a 70 year old lady strut around in a belly shirt showing a leathery tanned tummy and a tennis skirt displaying wrinkled knees as she tries on this and that.  After what felt like a grueling hour of trying on this and that she was finished and slid that credit card and smirked and said a little prayer to grandpa Frank. Grandpa had put his money in stocks young and ended up getting rich quick by luck. Oddly enough once the money started pouring in grandpa died in a car wreck, we still have yet to solve that mystery.  

 As we headed to the Auntie Anne’s pretzels shop for a savory snack I heard a slight rapping on the floor. The sound sent chills down my spine. I knew that sound well enough to know that it was time to go home. Its talons creating a steady beat to compliment my racing heart. Sweat glistened on my forehead, my muscles tightened to the point they burned. The world slowed down and all I could hear was that light clack of those claws off the floor. I don't know what other see behind the hood, but those dark eyes pierced me and knew that I was not ignorant to its veil of deception. The thing proceeded on as it glided past. I was not waiting for it to come back and luckily my grandmother was content with our morning shopping spree.

                When we got home I left grandma with only a kiss on the cheek and an uncomfortable hug as I attempted wrap my arms around the large chested women the best I could. I snatched the bag and made a B-line to my room. As I close the door I knew that someone had been in my room. My covers were ripped from my bed. My closet hung open and my floor was a mangled mess of flannel, hoodies of every color, and blue jeans. Then I heard a shuffling. I grabbed a nearby broom and wielded it in front of me like a fencer readies his saber. The sound resounding from my closet continued with a grumbling, snorts, and hisses. I slowly crept forward to the closet door. Rays of sun peaked through the cracks of my shades only giving me some light to defend myself from the unknown minis in my room. I flung the door open, with a crash I tumbled backwards as I was met with a flashing of sharp white teeth and a kaleidoscope of bright colors. The world twisted and turned around me as the throbbing in my head began and then it all went black. 

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