The Morning After

Waking up the morning after a night out.


1. Where's Rob ?

Blurred vision, massive headache, dry throat.

So I've done it again.

I squint to observe my surroundings. Straight ahead, light blue sky, clouds scattered sparsely, part of a grill, part of a brown-brick wall. Let's have a look around. Tilt head-Ouch ! - The headache says no. Well, apparently things don't look too great. Too bad for the headache, time to tough it out and try to get up.

A cry of pain from very close by. What happened ? Whoever it is has pretty bad timing; I'm in no shape to help anyone out, including myself.

It takes me a minute to realize that it was me who yelled when I tried getting up. But if I don't apply any pressure to my hands, I feel no pain.

Let's see what we have here :

The hands I can see are interesting, to say the least.

They are not mine. They can't be. Why ? Because they're red. Besides, the right one is missing a finger. But, weirdly, they obey my every command. Except the obvious one of course, it would be quite hard to move an index finger when it no longer exists.

I must have drunk a lot more than I thought I had if I can't feel this.

Incidentally, the general view is quite nice : blood-red hands on a light blue background, with clouds. The surroundings make the scene look like it's taken from a beat-up convict's perspective, dying in a prison courtyard.

Realization : Oh. When the alcohol wears off, this is going to be quite painful.

Wait a second. Where's Rob ?

Seeing the state of things, he's either lying close by, in jail, dead or sleeping in his bed. Basically, I don't know where he is.

You must be wondering why I am so apathetic. That's exactly it : I developed the condition a few years ago.

I feel no emotion.

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