Zayn's aunty has been brutally murdered, no one knows how though. His uncle is abnormal and rumors say that he is very violent. Zayn is forced to stay with his uncle for a few days. During his stay he gets locked in the attic and finds a big surprise hiding inside...


8. The Spirit

Stood in front of me was the most alluring woman. Her exquisite green eyes interlocked with my eyes. Her soft, delicate brown hair fell elegantly in line with her neck. Her face displayed refined features. I couldn’t help but stare at her. She came closer to me and whispered in my ear. ‘My name is Xyria.’ She said softly. She was that beautiful young girl from the picture. I struggled to speak when finally I found my voice. ‘My name is Zayn.’ I whispered, ‘I found a picture of you earlier on. You were holding hands with my uncle. It was taken 50 years ago and you still look as young as you looked in that image. How is that possible?’ She grinned and whispered in my ear again.

‘Everything is possible, Zayn.’ She answered in a cryptic manner. This answer was as puzzling as the question. It was almost as if she was mocking me. I decided to ignore her answer and continued to stare at her.

‘Why were you ever friends with my uncle?’ I questioned.

‘He wasn’t as nasty as he is now. He only turned that way because…’ She paused.

‘Because of what?’ I asked curious to know.

‘I rejected him. He wanted me to marry him and I said no because I didn’t feel the same way he did for me.’ She replied.

‘Then what happened?’ I asked, eager to know more.

‘He got angry and announced if he couldn’t have me then nobody could… then he stabbed me and left a suicide note for my family to find.’ She said in a depressed voice.

‘How did you survive that?’ I inquired.

‘I didn't… ’ she answered. I felt dizzy. I couldn’t believe that I was face to face with a spirit. I stumbled and landed with a thud.

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