Zayn's aunty has been brutally murdered, no one knows how though. His uncle is abnormal and rumors say that he is very violent. Zayn is forced to stay with his uncle for a few days. During his stay he gets locked in the attic and finds a big surprise hiding inside...


3. The Incident

I always refused to even take a step into my uncle’s house because I was scared that he would beat me. This was mainly because my cousin went to stay at his house and returned with a broken leg and 3 big bruises on his face. Uncle says it was because he fell down the stairs, but my cousin knew that it wasn’t an accident. He knows it was a punishment for him being found in the attic of my uncle’s mansion. He says that uncle hides his secrets in there but he never got the chance to uncover those secrets after that incident. Then it was my turn to enter my uncle’s dwelling with a hope to not be beaten up.

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