Zayn's aunty has been brutally murdered, no one knows how though. His uncle is abnormal and rumors say that he is very violent. Zayn is forced to stay with his uncle for a few days. During his stay he gets locked in the attic and finds a big surprise hiding inside...


11. Emotions

I still remember her radiant green eyes that twinkled every now and then, her soft, silky hair brushing the features of my face; her graceful smile that could make anyone smile instantly. The way she hugged me tightly still makes me feel loved. The way she makes me feel is indescribable and not being able to feel like that again broke my heart. Every tear of hers was a waterfall to me and I couldn’t bear to think of her. I collapsed in a corner tears finally escaping from my eyes. Even though I had only met her just yesterday I felt like I was attached to her in some way or another. I wanted her beside me, smiling at me. I banged my head against the wall and fell into a deep sleep…

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