Zayn's aunty has been brutally murdered, no one knows how though. His uncle is abnormal and rumors say that he is very violent. Zayn is forced to stay with his uncle for a few days. During his stay he gets locked in the attic and finds a big surprise hiding inside...


4. An Unpleasant Welcome

My footsteps echoed in the room, as I went to put my bag down. The house looked ancient with its dusty antique pieces of furniture and its peeling wallpaper. Uncle was nowhere to be seen. I started to look around the house when something caught my eye. I edged closer to the rusted item. Once I had a clear view of the object, I realized it was a key. It was encrusted with the finest diamonds and looked quite ancient. I couldn’t help but touch the large key when suddenly my uncle burst into the room and grabbed hold of my hand. His eyes were full of hatred and pure anger. ‘Do not touch that you vermin!’ He exclaimed as he squeezed my arm. I pulled my arm away just before he was about to damage my limb. He tried to grab me again. I started to run in any direction possible. My arms were flailing wildly as I approached a large staircase. I didn’t dare look back as I could hear the echo of my uncle’s footsteps. The echo got louder. I had no choice but to make for the door at the top of the staircase. I jerked the handle open and threw my body in to the corner of the room. I held my breath as I heard my uncle gasping for breath outside the door. Something told me that I had given away my hiding spot because just as I was about to exhale the door handle tilted ever so slightly...

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