A Closed Heart


1. A Closed Heart

I can only endure when you scratch the surface,

the smothering love,

which I cannot stand.



It strangles me inside out,

the pain is true, without a doubt.

It is not you, it is just me,

I wish that you'd just let me be.


I once loved, oh so sincere,

a pain it is, the loss of my dear.

The only one who loved me abundant and true.

I could only love one so dear

and what happened was my greatest fear.


I have regret,

which I cannot forget,

who am I to live, when you are not.


Someone fills me with hate,

that person fulfilled your fate.

When I heard of the truth,

I became evil and rude.



Never on purpose, just a mistake,

but still, I want to burn you at the stake.


You took life away,

though not in a single day.

Destroying the body,

draining the soul.


Life faded, today I will not love.

For now.. My heart is closed,

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