A group of con artists, or grifters, work together to take on "long cons" on wealthy people. They do all this without getting caught by the police, and, even if they do, destroy all evidence that it was them. In their most dangerous con yet, they attempt to gain one of them revenge for a family member who let them down...


3. Plan!

As it turns out, Nick was right, Rob did come round a bit later. He was drunk yes, but he still came round. The crew decided to call it a night and strutted over towards their room door. Nick grabbed it firmly and opened it, and, as he was considered a gentlemen, let everyone else through before entering himself. Suddenly, Rob spoke...

"Look guys i'm sorry!" Rob drunkenly said.

"Ah it;s fine, could of happened to anyone." Alex replied quickly.

"Look I mean this, I really am sorry!" Rob repeated. He looked around for support, and again the only reply he got was from Alex.

"All is forgotten." Alex said.

"Hey, I don't know about the rest of ya but i'd have a drunken apology over £50,000 cash any day." Ryan interrupted. He then sat down on the luxury sofa and smiled.

"Look! I'm gunna get you that money back!" Rob firmly said, pointing at Ryan. Ryan put his arms on the sofa edge and relaxed, still smiling of course.

"Oh did you hear that we're gunna get our money back." Ryan smiled, jokingly. He just finished his sentence before Rob interrupted again.

"And, and this will NEVER happen again!" He explained, for like the 10th time that evening.

"Oh ho! it's all win win now!" Ryan raised his voice and giggled. He clearly meant it as a joke, but Rob didn't take it and started to shout.

"Arrggh! Why couldn't I have just hit him!" Rob shouted across the room, storming towards the window.

"Because Rob it wouldn't have made any difference." Nick calmly explained. Amanda had just finished pouring a glass of wine and came to sit down next to Nick.

"Look, let's just leave it yeah?" She said in a calm manner. Something Sean was not in at this moment in time.

"Just forget today ever happened." She spoke again. Alex had his head in his hands.

"No, Nick's right, violence isn;t going to change a thing!" Rob suddenly exclaimed.

"Oh he's come to his senses!" Ryan said.

"There's another way to get him." Rob smiled and looked gleamingly at Amanda.

"Rob, no Rob..." Amanda was interrupted again.

"It's been staring us in the face!" Rob said again.

"No, we're not going to con him." Amanda said, staring at him meaningfully.

"Yes!" Rob pointed at her and put his hands in his pockets. Everyone shook their heads in disbelief.

"We're gunna con him!" Rob seemed to put his foot down, they were going to con Mr Rex Kennedy.


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