A group of con artists, or grifters, work together to take on "long cons" on wealthy people. They do all this without getting caught by the police, and, even if they do, destroy all evidence that it was them. In their most dangerous con yet, they attempt to gain one of them revenge for a family member who let them down...


1. The Father of Jewels

The windows glinted in the sunshine as Rob walked down the busy street. He wore a charcoal black suit with a stylish grey tie that went nicely with a bright,white shirt. He tightly gripped a briefcase in his right hand. To a stranger he would look like a normal guy, smiling to passers by, but to all who knew him he was far from that. He was infact a grifter, or con artist if you like. He continued walking until he came to a halt, turned slickly on the heel, and entered 'The Albrighton' hotel.

"Pleasure doing business with you." A middle aged man smiled to two smart, professional adults. A young, attractive girl and a coloured, tall man. Unbeknownst to him, they were Robs colleagues, Amanda, his sister in reality, and Nick.

"Same to you." Nick replied, handing him a briefcase similar to the one Rob was holding. Following his reply the man swivelled and walked towards the reception desk and started to fill out a form next to a man in a beige colour coat. Suddenly, Rob appeared out of nowhere and gave a sneaky thumbs up to Nick; who nodded in agreement. With this, Rob went to put his briefcase down next to the man in questions briefcase, and put his hand out to take the other one, until something caught his eye, as the man in the beige coat moved away, Rob caught sight of something on the visitors book. He immediately picked up HIS briefcase and followed the man to the lift.

"Nick! He didn't swap the cases!" Amanda panickly exclaimed. Suddenly, the businessman turned around.

"Thanks again!" He said, and picked up his briefcase and strutted out of the hotel, holding £50,000 cash. Straight after this Amanda raced towards the desk, and her eyes widened as she saw the name "Rex Kennedy". She shot her eyes over to Rob, who was now standing behind the man, giving him a menacing look. He wasn't smiling anymore.

"Leave it to me." Nick said to her confidently; he then quickly walked towards Rob.

"Adrian? Adrian! Long time no see" Nick confidently smiled.

"Think you've got the wrong guy mate!" Rob replied, keeping his eyes fixed on the man in front, now known as Rex.

"Let's get drunk." Nick bluntly said, a sense of anger in the tone of his voice.

"Move one more step and i'll call security!" Rob continued to stay focussed. Then the lift door opened, and he followed Rex into it, keeping his eyes on him all the while. Nick sighed and frowned knowing his plan had failed, and strutted back to Amanda.

"Who was he anyway?" Nick asked.

"He's our dad." Amanda swiftly replied...


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