Seduce Me


1. Seduce Me

As I sit here in my room all alone,

I long for the smile on your face

And the careful touch of your hand

I cannot wait for your presence to fill this place!


I need to feel the tingle of your hand in mine

Your soft gentle kiss that takes me higher,

I want to feel the butterflies building inside

As you take me, hold me, and fill me with fire!


I want to watch as you slowly undress me

Until I tremble with desire,

I want to hear those magical words

I want you, I need you, I love you, let me take you higher.


Come to me now, I need you so much

I know what will happen, what will soon be,

On soft pillows and sheets of satin

You will kiss me, caress me, and love only me.


Seduce Me.


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