1. Paper

You see an empty paper. I see different.


I see a big white soft tissue

That’ll wipe away all my tears

and kiss all my scars goodbye.

It will give birth to my dreams

and imprison my darkest fears

so that they’re set in stone

an eternal reminder and memory.

My hurts will bleed

and spill in thousands of words

– turning the ugly into something

beautiful and most importantly,

cheering my frown into a smile.


You see an empty paper,

I see a vast open white space,

my own personal escape.

A door leading away from reality

and into the unknown,

where honest heroes triumph

and wicked foes surrender.

It’s a vacuum,

that will blind me until I see clear

and suck and suck all the pain away

until there’s own numbness and

an everlasting happiness.


You see an empty paper,

I see an innocent pure white sheet;

waiting to be stained with my sinful secrets.

I see hundreds of possibilities. a chance,

to express what I know

feel, love and hate.

I see temptation, a yearning to write.


You see an empty paper.

I see different.

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