You're My Best Friend

This is my entry for the picture competition


1. Escape

Tilda had cared for Jet since he was a foal, and she loved him with all her heart. She rode his everywhere her blonde hair blowing in the wind as she and Jet galloped across the moors. Tilda was in the stables with Jet once when she heard her parents talking, that they would have to sell the ranch and the animals, Tilda looked at Jet worried as she listened to the conversation and that was it she decieded to run away, she had to get out with Jet and go far away, where they could be together forever, so she saddled up Jet and climbed up onto his back and galloped far into the night, and into the forest not knowing the path that laid ahead for either of them, they ran off through the forest as it got deeper it got darker when finally there was an opening, Jet galloped fast for the opening with Tilda edging him on, they got through the opening and they stopped, she looked back thinking her parents would never find her now, but she still had no idea where she was going to go. She just knew that she had to save Jet, so she kept running until she found a windmill where she would have to stay with Jet as he was tired and so was she.

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