There is currently no plot to this

This is a story written by me and Adam written in turn chapter by chapter. We don't know what the story or plot is going to be we just have to follow on from each other and see where this leads MWAHAHAHAHA.


1. Paigey

The buzzing of the alarm drilled into his head and yet it still took him a few moments to realize that it was his alarm and that he would now have to leave the warmth and safety of his bed.

When you don't really want to do something, it is best to do it without thinking because when you think about it you will end up not doing it. He knew if he thought about crawling back into his nice, warm bed and snuggling in he would fall back asleep...



...and not wake up until 2pm. Shit. He would definitely get fired for this. He decided he didn't care, right now, and right now is all that mattered. It also meant that he had the rest of the day to do whatever he wanted. Oh the possibilities of the things he could do! Something creative, useful, productive! 

Thats why he then headed over to the mouldy little fridge and took out the last can of beer. Shit, that would mean he has to go outside to buy more beer, and going outside would mean having to get ready.


He took the beer over to his bed and tried not to fall back asleep.

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