There is currently no plot to this

This is a story written by me and Adam written in turn chapter by chapter. We don't know what the story or plot is going to be we just have to follow on from each other and see where this leads MWAHAHAHAHA.


2. Merzeal

There was an irritating hum surrounding him, an addition he wasn't too fond of. Another bug? No, he'd have ran out of the room at that point. White noise... Oh god, the TV was left on. He thought of one of those fancy tvs that cancel that noise, but he resigned the idea to a pure fantasy.  Switching the channel, he searched for something to entertain himself. Day time television grated him, left him feeling that he had nothing in common with his species. This isn't to say he didn't indulge, there was just a terrible feeling left in the pit of his stomach... Or it could've been the warm beer, maybe one day the fridge will be fixed. Another wave of anxiety washed over him.  

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