Dark Secrets

Reyes doesn't start relationships. She doens't trust males and doesn't trust anyone with her secret.
So when Marían (male name) starts to fall for her, Reyes is not only troubled, but feeling herself falling too. But nobody is allowed to find out about her secret.

The story is revolving around Reyes' and Marían's thoughts and doings and how Reyes is resisting with all her might, while Marían is trying to push himself forward.

This story is intense, made up like a poem but still not a poem - I hope you like it - and if it's possible, to comment


3. Reyes


He knew she suffered;

He could see it in her eyes.

He knew, she wanted him.

The first time he saw her,

Her hair was flying with the wind,

Trying to escape.

She looked as if she too...

Could fly with the wind.

Maybe it was that moment,

Or maybe it was only her eyes.

Maybe he felt an urge to protect her,

Or maybe it was just love.

He could still remember that face.

Nobody could forget it.

It was a face that had seen too much

Of this world.

When he approached her,

She looked frightened.

As if his very presence,

Would tie her to this world.

It was only a little smile.

He really tried to talk smoothly.

He tried to reach into her heart,

And took an involuntary step forward,

Trying to hug her.

It was that flinch.

It stopped him

In his tracks.

He was afraid.

Was she frightened?

He shouldn't have done it.

He couldn't stop himself.

And then she was gone.

The next time he saw her,

She tried not to look at him.

He knew he had made an impression;

Negatively or positively,

Were his only questions.

He asked about her name.

It was Reyes.

It was beautiful.

He liked it.

He tried hard not to smile

When he saw her again.

"My name is Marían."

It was the first time he spoke to her.

She was a girl.

Any other girl,

Would have heard him talk

A million times.

He knew she was different,

So he shrugged

And smiled.

Later, he discovered,

That she didn't tell him her name,

And she hadn't smiled.

He was losing confidence in himself.

It was Reyes.

He knew.

He tried hard to forget her,

But she had cast her net into his mind.

The only thing he saw,

Was her green eyes;

They should have been blue.

He didn't do it on purpose.

He was just walking beside her.

She was letting him do it.

She wasn't acknowledging him.

His fingers brushed her hair.

She looked at him

And went away.

But he couldn't,

For his life

Forget the feeling

Of her hair.

So his fingers tingled

All the way home,

And he was careful

Not to wash his hand,

So the feeling would stay.



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