Dark Secrets

Reyes doesn't start relationships. She doens't trust males and doesn't trust anyone with her secret.
So when Marían (male name) starts to fall for her, Reyes is not only troubled, but feeling herself falling too. But nobody is allowed to find out about her secret.

The story is revolving around Reyes' and Marían's thoughts and doings and how Reyes is resisting with all her might, while Marían is trying to push himself forward.

This story is intense, made up like a poem but still not a poem - I hope you like it - and if it's possible, to comment


14. Confirmations



He caught up with her.

He took her hand.

It made her flinch and tingle

At the same time,

As if her body

Didn't know the difference.

"Let me go."


She tried to break free,

But his hand was too strong.

His arms found their way around her,

and she was screaming and yelling,

trying to break free.

And she was crying,

Knowing it was a lost battle,

Because all men were stronger than her.

And when a man wanted something,

Nothing stopped in his way.

And she had been right to think

that all men were beasts,

and not to be trusted.

And that Marían was like every other man,

Thinking only of her,

as a woman.

Without a heart.

Without feelings.

She let go of herself,

Making her body go slack,

and Marían was standing with her body weight

in his bare hands,

and he didn't do anything.

He just looked at her,

Until she felt the courage to look at him

and spit in his face.

He just frowned,

looking sad,

but he didn't let go.

So she sneered,

and said,

"Let go of me, beast."

But it was like

he didn't hear her,

as if

she hadn't said anything,


that his eyes lit up

as if he'd found out

something about her.


she hadn't told anyone.

"Who, Reyes?"

And it didn't matter anymore,

Because here was Marían,

and he was strong,

and he held her

as if she didn't weigh anything,

and if she didn't answer,

he would be just as cruel

as her father,

and she wanted to spit again,

for calling him father.

For ever thinking about him as father.

But she was afraid,

because Marían still held her,

and he could do anything.



And she'd believed him,

thinking, that someone,


could see the truth.

But here he was.

So she spat her father's name out,

and Marían looked at her,

as if

she had told him


so dirty,

so evil,

more cruel than anything.

And he couldn't believe it,

but had to,

because it was Reyes,

and she was the one saying that.

"Your father?"

And again Reyes spat

in confirmation,

and Marían's eyes widened,

and he let go,

and amazingly,

Reyes fell onto her feet

and ran,

as if the devil himelf

was behind her,

even though

she wished

that it was,

because the devil

wouldn't have done,

what her father

had done to her.


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