Dark Secrets

Reyes doesn't start relationships. She doens't trust males and doesn't trust anyone with her secret.
So when Marían (male name) starts to fall for her, Reyes is not only troubled, but feeling herself falling too. But nobody is allowed to find out about her secret.

The story is revolving around Reyes' and Marían's thoughts and doings and how Reyes is resisting with all her might, while Marían is trying to push himself forward.

This story is intense, made up like a poem but still not a poem - I hope you like it - and if it's possible, to comment


13. Chasing the truth






It was over. She knew.


He was not allowed to know.

Nobody was allowed to know.

That stuff was her secret.

Her dirty secret.

She could be as dirty as she had to,

But nobody should follow her.


And maybe it was her shouting more than anything,

that made him follow her.

She tried to hurry up.



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