Dark Secrets

Reyes doesn't start relationships. She doens't trust males and doesn't trust anyone with her secret.
So when Marían (male name) starts to fall for her, Reyes is not only troubled, but feeling herself falling too. But nobody is allowed to find out about her secret.

The story is revolving around Reyes' and Marían's thoughts and doings and how Reyes is resisting with all her might, while Marían is trying to push himself forward.

This story is intense, made up like a poem but still not a poem - I hope you like it - and if it's possible, to comment


1. Waiting


She was there...

He was waiting...


... waiting...


... waiting...

She was standing.

He looked at her.

She didn't look up when he called her name.


She wanted him to stop.

"I want to talk to you."

She didn't acknowledge him.

"C'mon, Reyes."

"If you want to talk, do it. I will not listen."



He was pleading with her...

... yet she didn't make a move.

"Reyes, I am serious."

"You always say you are, Marían."

"How many times did I tell you that I am serious?"

"Maybe too many times."

"But you never believed me. You never gave me a chance."

"Why would I, when everyone before me told me otherwise?"

"Why do you believe them, and not me?"

"The ones left behind tell the truth."

"Who made that stupid rule?"

"Me. And that's not a rule. That's a fact."

"Why would you think that? Everyone left behind thinks that they alone are right."

"Then if you think that's stupid, don't come after me."

"I am too close now." His tone was serious.

She chanced a glance at him and met his eyes. They were too gray. Too close.

"I can't stop. I've made my decision. I've fallen."

"I can't help you up. You'll have to ask somebody else."

"Can't you at least tell me why?"

"Because ..."

Because you're too close.

Because you know my heart.

Because you are resting beneath my skin.

Because you're the only one I am thinking about.

Because I've never opened my heart to anyone.

Because your eyes are grey.

Because I am afraid.

"... I just don't start these kind of relationships."

"Can't I be the exception?"

"I am not talking about exceptions. I am talking about how I am not into these relationships. I want to stay single for a few more years."

"What about after? Do I stand a chance?"



"This is unfair."

She laughed without joy and looked unseeingly into the distance.

"Who said that life is fair?"

"Life is not. Human beings can be."

She met his grey eyes. Not blinking. She was studying him. Making calculations.

She wouldn't stand a chance.

She was not worthy.

She was too ... dirty.

Too... closed.

She had too many secrets.

She led a dark life. 

He deserved better.

But she couldn't tell him that.

"Just leave me alone."

He left.

Only the wind made a sound.

She looked far into the distance, trying hard not to cry.

It was late.

The tears were already all over her face.










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