On my horse

Competition Poem


1. On my Horse

Up upon my horse I ride,

I think about the seaside

where children run round wild and free

and splash around in cold blue sea

And look for crabs and eat ice-cream

and think of this a glorious dream.


Darker it becomes upon my horse,

I wind is blowing worse and worse,

The wind starts unravelling my dress,

and i start to think about can you guess?

i start to count the angels in heaven,

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven,

sitting in a line,

drinking red wine.


Cold starts growing over my shoulders,

and clouds start forming bigger than boulders

my horse and i are at a steady pace

surely we could win the race

the clouds start spitting wet, grey rain

and suddenly they turned insane

they began to throw up all over us

but my horse and i did not fuss

we rode faster and faster

and then...

i woke up



BY Becky FInaughty - Age 12

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