Nth Term

Rose and Liam don't get on with each other. Some may even call it hate. But is it love? After all, there's a thin line between the two. Frenemies. But will a series of events cause them to become more than just that?


2. Two

Zoe was so excited for her party. She had been talking about it all day. Even Mr Dawson got involved. We spent half of his drama lesson talking about it.

I did go early. I helped her pick out a dress. It was dark blue, skin tight, and really short. And I have to say, she looked really pretty. I wore a black dress. It was short and skin tight too,but it showed a LOT LESS cleavage than Zoe's. And Bri's, actually. Bri wore red. She looked like a fire truck.

I suppose I must have looked at bit of a loner, really.  Bri and Zoe were off doing their own thing, and Marylnn didn't come. I wish she had; the party would've been SO much more fun. And she would've stopped me from doing anything stupid.

I had the highest black heels on that night. It was an awesome party. There was good music, hot guys… alcohol. Liam sent one of his friends over to me with a drink. I took it. I should have asked what it was. And I should NEVER have accepted a drink from Liam. Bastard.

I remember him coming over to me, like "Hey, babe," . if I had been in my right mind, I would have told him to piss off. But I wasn't in my right mind. We danced together for a bit, I remember that. He kept pulling me towards him. At one point, I think he had his hands on my arse. And I don't remember trying to stop him. I don't remember doing that. I was too out of it to notice.

And now that I think about it, it wasn't just the ONE drink. My glass was always full, courtesy of Liam. Harry got emotional. He kept going on and on to Liam about 'taking advantage'. Good old Harry.

I asked Liam what the drinks were. He just said, "Juice, drink up!" I still don't know what the HELL was in them. The last thing I remembered was a swirl of colours. They were pretty colours, but you know if you're seeing swirling colours, it's not a good sign. I was so vulnerable. And that's how Liam won the bet.

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