Nth Term

Rose and Liam don't get on with each other. Some may even call it hate. But is it love? After all, there's a thin line between the two. Frenemies. But will a series of events cause them to become more than just that?


7. Seven

I don't know why he looked so shocked. He genuinely had hurt in his eyes.

"Why?", he asked me, as if he'd just forgotten what he'd just told me. I didn't have any sympathy for him. 

" What do you mean why?" I narrowed my eyes at him. I don't know what emotion I was feeling, but it was definately negative. A mixture of anger, humiliation, and betrayal.

"Rose, loads of people have had tons of sex. It isn't a big deal". I didn't respond, for a while. 

"It DOES matter, Liam." he rolled his eyes at me, and turned to face me properly. 

"Rose, I'm sorry I called you a slut; I didn't mean it. But it isn't anything to be ashamed of. Iv'e slept with tons of whores- girls" he corrected himself quickly. I inhaled sharply, but I didn't do anything. I let him continue his speech. 

"But, Rose, you're not a whore. I'd never think of you as one. Don't be upset. Don't be upset with me." He was talking in a firm steady voice, but the undertone sounded like he was pleading. i felt my eyes start to brim. Dammit. Liam leaned over to wipe my eyes. There were no tears yet, Dummass. He continued.

"You've done it before, and you'll do it again." I hated myself for letting the tears escape. I quickly brushed them off, and looked away. I don't like people seeing me cry. I hate feeling weak. 

When I looked up, Liam looked confused? Concerned? He was blushing slightly. I managed to look into his eyes- It was hard, but I managed.

"Liam, I haven't". Confused. he definately looked confused. 

"Haven't what? What do you mean, Rose?" 

I sighed. 

"Ok, Liam. Here- I haven't done it before. I hadn't done it? I don't know." 

Liam looked dead solemn. 

"A virgin." I wasn't sure if it was a question or a statement. Then, both his hands were on my shoulders. He looked deep into my eyes. I tried to look away. I couldn't. And then without warning, he hugged my head close to his chest. It was nice; I felt protected. I felt his hands stroking my hair. I felt his heartbeat strong and steady in his chest. 

"Idon't hate you," I whispered. I didn't think he'd hear me, but he replied. 

"I'm sorry." he whispered back. I leaned back, feeling his arms unwind from around me; one from my head, and the other from my waist. I sighed. 

"I know, Liam." and then after a pause, " But your virginity... Its supposed to be special, you know? I was waiting for the rigth guy..."

Liam slowly looked away. 

" I guess that guy's not me, huh?" I hesitated. I didn't mean it like that. 

"No, Liam... I just...." but he stopped me.

"You don't have to explain yourself to me." he shrugged. I wanted to change the subject, but the edges of the metaphorical map still needed to be filled in.

"But Liam? Didn't you notice that I was.... That I hadn't..." I looked down. Lucky that he understood. Lucky that he didn't make me say it, because I didnt know how.

Liam's cocky smile played upon his lips.  God, seems like forever since I'd seen that smile. I glanced down discreetly at my phone. it had only been five minutes. Liam laughed, and I found myself smiling. 

"Babe, I was pretty plastered too!" but then his voice lowered. "I should have known you were a virgin. So tight. I alsmost couldn't fit my-" 

I didn't have anything in my mouth at the time, but I still managed to choke. 

"Liam!" I shouted, but then we caught each others eye and burst out laughing.  I guess losing 'It' to Liam wasn't TOO bad.

Liam stopped laughing last. Well, he stopped laughing in his mouth, but I could still see it in his eyes. Cocky Bastard. 

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