1. Grief

It pains me to look at myself suffering in the mirror, as the flames light up the background.

In the darkness I walk, enveloped, like a letter sent to myself,

forgotten, sent the wrong way, returned again.

The blood boiling as the mind grows colder.

It took me all my life to grow,

now I've fallen so far, crippled beyond recognition.

And as the fire tells me something I listen to my cries, as the tears extinguish the fire once inside of me.


I forgot everything in this cave of forgetfulness,

sadness and sorrow.

And in the lake of loathing I laugh with madness.

I roll, I roll so deep.

Tombstone filled paradise

with pain as joy, sorrow as love.


Miracles disappeared,

vanished into the thin air,

the stench of death is in the air.

As my lungs are filled, the void grows,

emptying the inside of me. 

I should've never smiled to you


As the angels fly above me,

the vultures inhale my soft skin,

lying on the empty ground with nothing but a naked smile and a torn shell.

Their ravenous thirst, drinking me up,

exhausting my heart, cracking my smile.


The mirror slowly cracking,

the smile looking deformed.

And as I never saw myself,

I put on the mask, burying myself in the soil.

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