I love you, but...

Love poems from a Year 9 class, 9BRUI4, in Earls High School Halesowen.


6. Does Love Ever Make Sense?

I love drinking sour cream

as much as I love you

YOur touch is like the sweetest dream

And as little as it may seem, I still love sour cream


Your figure is like a lightbulb

Turning me on, and as I drink

My cup of tea you're already gone


The sweet tang of fruit

Rollups reminds me of your

Scent and of composure

Its better than Darren Bents


As a wise man once said

'Dang fancy, I like it'' your warmth is so

comforting, like a toasted pikelet


And as i gaze upon your flawless face

tears escape my eyes, just like that scene

In Lords of the Rings where Bormoir dies


And as the poem closes i'll drop

My mad pretence, some will think what

have I just read?

but does LOVE ever

make sense?


Huw Sinden and Chloe Thomas


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