His love. Hers

a poem about the different view points on love, relationship.


1. the love

The hidden jealousy, when she was with another The racing of the heart, when she is present The instant void, as she walked away The bliss, in the sound of her voice The anxiety, to see her face... The ever growing fear of loosing her


his love, like a gentle hand that puntures my lungs. his hand like thorns so peacfully cradling my heart. his lips like tender chains of regret and remorce. his hug the sweet blanket of acid that burns my freedom. the love that binds me to my hell, too sour to swallow yet too sweet to spit out thunder smiles and his anger dances hate is too stong a word but not to stong for his fist. hate is such powerfull a phrase but not as powerfull as the deadly kiss hate too much to let go of, yet not enough to miss

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