The Lies are True

When Joy is claimed of being a witch, by her own sister, she must flee. But they're not going to give up easily, chasing her up the country. But little did they know, that she was actually a Witch. And that the lies her sister made up, are actually true...


2. The Leap

Midnight's hooves constantly pounded against the Earth, creating a cloud of dust. Which the villagers amount their horses would then explode through. Their shrieks echoed in the fields, killing all happiness. The crows circled above me, waiting for them to finally catch me. But I'm not going to give up that easily, infact. I wasn't going to give up at all. Why should I die, cause the bible said the line 'Thou shall not suffer a witch to live.' It doesn't mean all witches are evil, very few are even my age. I'm eighteen, and I've barely lived. I've had to hide this since I was born. My Mother is the only person who knows, as for my sister. She's always been jealous of me, cause I was always the first to do everything. We're twins, and completely the opposite. I was against the bible, but I had to act as if God is he only explination. He's not even real, it's impossible. Midnight suddenly skidded to a halt, shrieking in warning. In front of us, a wide silver river. I looked behind me, they were closing in. Midnight looked to me, and I nodded. He backed up, until the villagers were in sight again. And he reared into the air, flicking his mane out, the wind pushing it back. He galloped straight for it, each hoof beat like my heart. Thumping three times a second, never calming or cooling. As the river came closer, I held onto the reins for dear life. And he leapt, not daring to twitch. The wind rushing past us, faster than we were trying to escape. And he strecthed his body, knowing every inch counted. And he landed with effort trying not to fall. We both looked back at the villagers. They all stopped, and tried to work out how we crossed. Knowing there's no point laughing, Midnight bolted out. Leaving the fires of Hell behind us, and the rising sun in the horizon.

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