The Lies are True

When Joy is claimed of being a witch, by her own sister, she must flee. But they're not going to give up easily, chasing her up the country. But little did they know, that she was actually a Witch. And that the lies her sister made up, are actually true...


1. Midnight

Walking flames and pitchforks following me. Screaming, both in fear and excitment. To see me burn, that would be entertainment to these people, which is sick. Why make up lies, to kill the innocent. My black stallion, Midnight, ran faster then the sky turned black. He just blended into the still, cold sky. The stars began to twinkle, winking at me, wishing me luck. For I knew, that they wouldn't win this chase. They believe the lies my sister told them, but. Little did they all know, except my Mother. That the lies, were true. I was a Witch, and for once. They guessed right, I'm the only Witch in the village except my Mother. But she gave it up when the first Witch was burnt. Scared, but I wanted to learn, and so my Mother taught me, since I was a child. And now, I must flee, to seek help from the Enlightened one...

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