Desecrated Angel

She's a fallen angel - now she must escape the archfiends. She has to reach the city; before it's too late.


1. Fallen

I lay my head on the cold marble block, my icicle-like fingers splayed out either side. Mentally preparing myself for the pain, I fluttered my feathery wings for the last time. Then they were pinned down, strapped with metal chains onto the block. This block had seen too many desecrations; too many lives destroyed. Then, cold hands on my back - colder than the marble against my cheek - that slid up my spine, touching my skin through my open backed dress. They touched the base of my wings, making me shiver; in anticipation, and through the sensitivity. The grip tightened, then tightened more, until the pain was almost unbearable. I squinted through tears, clinging onto conciousness that was attempting to evade me. I felt a sharp rip, that made the previous pain seem like nothing. The entire world span, until it gently faded away, leaving me with blackness.

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