Desecrated Angel

She's a fallen angel - now she must escape the archfiends. She has to reach the city; before it's too late.


3. Chase

I knew something was wrong when the crows appeared. I had just entered a new field, clearing the last fence and breaking out into open land. The city drew near; I could see it on the horizon, a little blush of colour against the grey world. I patted the mare's neck, letting her stretch out and lengthen her stride. Then, a crow fluttered by, razoring close to my face. I watched with jealous eyes as it batted it's silky black wings, gliding on the air just in front of me. Soon, there was more of them. Flocks of them, all circling my head like a living tornado. The air was whipped up by the flapping of a thousand wings, tugging at my hair and dress, and spooking the mare. Desprately cooing at her to keep her calm, I tried to focus on the city. It was so close - I was so close. 

The wind the crows had created seemed to shake the ground beneath her hooves - my entire world was spinning. I clutched the reins with one hand, deliriously fighting off the crows now attempting to attack me with the other. They tore at my dress, stealing pieces of fabric. They ripped out entire chunks of my hair. But they wanted more. They launched repetitive attacks on my face, meaning I could no longer gaze thirstily out at the city. The mare suddenly bucked, throwing me to the ground. She didn't even look apologetically back as she cantered off towards the city, and I didn't blame her. The crows blanked out the sky, blocking out the grey and replacing it with a pitch black so dark that I doubted I would ever see again...


And I didn't.

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