This is a poem I wrote for my girlfriend on our 10th months day.

Unfortunately we aren't together anymore


1. Time

Lost in your eyes and forgotten by time

Seconds are stolen - The ultimate crime

just us in the darkness; we make our own light

And laid here beside you, I know this is right


Here in your arms there is no complication:

Just beautiful thoughts and love's sweet sensation.

All pains forgotten in an exquisite moment,

Every touch heals - a new passion is opened.


Time moves by quick, but I'm unaware

I am fully absorbed in the bond that we share

Knowing breath is the breath of a God,

And That your hurt is now long forgot.


The reddest rose wouldn't sum up this emotion

Nor would it encapsulate my pure devotion.

In This single second, eternity passed,

Time is so fast, I knew we would last.

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