The Prison at the Centre of the Earth

It's been a year since the end of the world. James is one of the only survivors , the ones who didn't die. And now he wants to know why...


4. The underground

So here we are. Everyone is indoors, just chilling. It kind of sucks because we can't watch tv (the radio waves attract the creatures) but if it's watching Family Guy repeats or surviving, I know which one I'd choose. Leon has gone out to get some supplies, with Chris to cover him. They should be back by now. We'll give them another half hour but after that, even though it's night, we'll have to start a search. i hope they are ok.

It's fifteen minutes later and we are searching for the brothers. It doesn't take long to find them though. They are limless, their bodies strewn across the floor. The blood is still pouring, implying the wound is recent. 

"Monsters... came... attacked us... run... the others..." Leon whispers before he passes away. What was he trying to tell us? something about running? The growl behind us confirms our suspicions. We turn, to find ourselves staring at a giant of a monster. It is a huge wolf, with a menacing scorpion sting hanging high above it's body. We run.

Soon the wol-pion has backed us into a corner. We brace ourselves for a slow painful death. The creature bares it's teeth and pounces at us. Just before we die however, we feel a strange sensation. The ground rises above us and I can see the soft earth surrounding us. We drop to the floor to find ourselves staring into the eyes of another muscular beast. This one seems humanoid. A few dozen more surround us. Then realisation hits. We are in the creatures lair...

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