Whispering Truth

Bridget tries to run from her horrible past but the truth can never be gone for long and it will come back.But Can Bridget ever run away from the truth forever?


2. Running away

I steady myself as i sit on Hunter.Not caring where i go just away from my life.I see people laughing that used to be me i think.I see people kissing that would of been me but most of all a family which i lost.Hunter stops and i realise he's tired i get off him and stroke him.

"Good boy"i whisper and feed him a carrot and give him a kiss on the head.I look around its mostly straws and a few houses.Why did i run i think my parents are dead,my sister is gone and everyone will think i killed them.I close my eyes and let the tears fall on my face.I tie Hunter to a nearby lamp and know on the nearest house.

"I'm coming"i hear someone call and i hear footsteps.I shiver its so cold.A young man opens the door.

"It's one of your girl's"the young man asks.

"There's none called today"someone else yells.The young man stares at me.

"Who are you"he asks.I remeber what happend in my home city i don't know anyone.I need to start fresh.

"I'm Bridget Rose and i'm a traveller and i need home"i ask my hands  freezing in the cold.I shrug my hangs in my pockets.

"Come in your freezing"anwsers the man.

I walk in.I stare everyone stares at me.I look away.

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