The Feeling of Lost

Nothing of what I've written is real (Thank God)
This story suddenly appeared in my head, when I - for only a second - let my mind wander. This story is about loss, about consequenses and about possibilities - this story is about guilt and "if"s and other things people tell themselves when something like this happens. I hope you'll write a comment or something of the like, and I hope that this wouldn't be real for anyone, even though it sometimes is.


2. What I miss


My baby brother has blue eyes. They shine as if jewels is hidden inside them, making them sparkle and shimmer as if the Sun is shining on them. His eyes can cry. They can smile too. And when they smile, your whole heart melts. And when they cry, you can't stop your tears from flowing.

Even though I call him my baby brother, he is ten years old. Ten summers and nine winters, if that's the proper way to say it. And he hates it when I call him baby. He hates it when I try to hug or kiss him in front of his friends.

But he can't deny the fact. Nobody can deny the fact. Not my mother. Not my father. And not even Death. Though I can argue with my mother and father, I can't argue with Death. And even though Death didn't deny the fact, that I was my baby brother's sister, he did it. Not openly. But by taking him away from me.


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