The Feeling of Lost

Nothing of what I've written is real (Thank God)
This story suddenly appeared in my head, when I - for only a second - let my mind wander. This story is about loss, about consequenses and about possibilities - this story is about guilt and "if"s and other things people tell themselves when something like this happens. I hope you'll write a comment or something of the like, and I hope that this wouldn't be real for anyone, even though it sometimes is.


8. The scream


The pitch started low______________________

It was too sudden.

It wasn't there.

      Then suddenly.

              It was. 

     It was a scream.                    

            Coming from deep inside.


Horrorstruck.   Frightened.


   It was coming from his soul. His heart.

      He was screaming.

       It caught the breath in your throat.

      It made you suffer.

        It made you die a hundred times

        and a few more

It didn't last for much more

than a few seconds.

It felt like a decade.

Then everything went still.




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