Effie Trinket


1. The Reaping

I roll over in my soft, springy bed. The sun shines dimly through my windows, I don't want to face the outside world but I know that I have too. The only thing that lures me out is the though of my two beautiful daughters. Their skin is untouched by the Capitol's need and desire to add colour to every ounce of our bodies. To me they are perfect. Scarlet, the older one has long brown shimering hair, big green softening eyes and red pursed lips. She was only 13, and Cristal the younger one was just turning 12. She had coal black hair and precious light blue eyes. I loved them both with all of my heart, and that is why I have to do this.

The Capitol have them both, and they have threatened to take them to district 11. They are both of age and Snow could make sure their names where picked. He assured me of that last night by leaving a single rose on my doorstep. It's still out there, I wouldn't dare touch it. The meaning behind it was so strong and powerful I could hardly bare the sight of it. I knew he was reminding me of our little conversation not so long ago, the one conversation I loathed to my very core.

It was about three years ago, I remembered watching the Victor Tour. The look on the mother's face. She was from District 12, her son had been Reaped. And he died in the bloodbath. I couldn't shake this conection I felt to this stranger, but I could almost feel her sadness weaping it's way into my life. I was gripped by fear. I knew my children were safe, because of the Capitol. But I realised what I had done. I picked that woman's child and sent him off to die without any real chance. I felt disgusted in myself. Later that night I couldn't even look at my own reflection.

The very next day I requested an audience with President Snow himself, and being as, I thought of it "Important" my request was granted. I walked through majestic double doors, Solid, dark, varnished wood. This wasnt Snow's garden, like where we have meet before. This was his office, and somehow I could tell he knew what I was here to request. This is when I first smelled his sour roses, the stench of pure evil whaffted into my lungs drowning me in desperation. I was at this mercy the second the large doors closed and slammed behind me

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