1. Dawn

As the morning sun rose,

and outside there was dew,

I thought no-one could love you the way that I do.

The light through the curtains,

rested on your closed eyes,

in the bed where we lay, as I gazed at the skies.

Strands of honeycomb hair,

which had fallen out of place,

in the night, now framed your far away face.

Cheek pressed against your pillow,

with your palm on my chest,

last night's make-up smeared, is how you look best.

Your heart-shaped lips,

let out breath on my neck,

as the moon in the sky, shrunk into a small speck.

Your gaunt collarbones,

jutted out from your skin,

and your arms which lay limply on the sheets, looked too thin.

A picture of beauty,

on that morning as you dreamt,

your face bound with worry, began its gentle descent.

The rise and fall of your ribs,

and the heartbeat in your chest,

became slower and slower beneath your night vest.

The whole world around me,

it all seemed to stop,

the moment it dawned on me, you were never waking up.

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