Breaking The Arrow

This is a fan fic of the Hunger Games where Gale now has a family of his own and as Katniss and Peeta are in hiding and presumed dead, Gale is now the only officially known surviving rebel and the new President of the capitol wants his spirit broken. He and his family are sent into the Hunger Games however they have been upgraded with even more dangerous obstacles and creatures. The trackerjackers have grown in size and now not only does Gale have to fight but so does his wife and 12 year old daughter. But when his daughter kills her mother by accident, Gale begins to realise he will eventually have to kill HER unless he can get her away and break out.


6. Traffic Lights

Everyone sat around the table. Silence. Catnip drew a design in her pad. Gale took small bites from his bread and Flint stared daggers at him from the far end of  the table.

"So," Flint said, breaking the silence, "tell me more about your song."

"What do you want to know?"

"What does it mean?"

"It's a story."


"Yours." This didn't stir Flint so Gale took another bite.

"Gale, who is the Mockingjay's lover?" Gale didn't answer.

"Who is she?" Gale didn't answer. Flint, in a fit of rage flung a knife which narrowly missed Catnip's head.

"WHO IS SHE?!" Again Gale said nothing. And then,

"You know, for a man with such a high IQ, you're incredibly dumb." Catnip held her breath but was shocked when Flint calmly sat and said,

"It doesn't matter. The arena is different this year. My own design. If you don't get killed by the other tributes, the arena will finish you off. This year is the Fourth Quarter Quell, the Quarter Quarter Quell. The final Quarter. After this there will be no more games. This year, you will die and so will everyone else. This year, there will be no winner. Tell your Mockingjay that!"

That night was the hardest night of her life. Lucia tossed and turned in her bed. The cold wind whispered comfort to her through the open window. It reminded her of home. The constant musty smell in the air from the bits of fabric floating around. Their district was known for textiles but her Mum was the most skilled. She would make dresses and coats, hats and shoes. Everything and anything. She made Lucia's clothes and they were perfect. Lucia sighed. How had this all happened? Her Mum was going to kill her. That's such a cruel word. Put her out of her misery. Understandably her parents didn't want her to die a horrible death but still... Well there was no point in moping. Tomorrow she would be going into the games.

Gale was busy that night. Gathering food, medicine. He was going to sneak it in. Katniss' plan was sure to work. Yes it could possibly kill them all but if Flint's plan worked, they'd all die anyway. He had to get word out to the other tributes.

Katniss worked hard all night. Drawing, cutting, stitching the costume. Then Fiint walked in.

"I need you to make two identicle designs to Gale's but for a woman and child."


"Didn't he tell you? It's for his wife and daughter. I took the liberty of taking their measurements. Make sure you're done by eight o'clock." This was like a punch to the stomach. He had a wife? A daughter? Katniss had done everything for him to make sure she could save him and NOW he has a family?! What was she going to do? She only had enough room in the M.E.P for two people. That meant that  Gale would have to leave his family behind.













The gun shot and everything was a blur. Katniss held her breath. The mines were still there. If Gale or any of the other tributes set a foot wrong: Boom. But they'd seen them and then the second gun shot and the mines disappeared. The tributes sped towards the Cornacopia. Gale focused on the rope and the silver bow and arrow. Lucia also wanted the bow and arrow and Myrtle had her eye on on the spear. Gale grabbed the rope but the silver bow had gone. He looked around. The arena was strange but he would figure it out later. He ran through the field to what he knew best: a forest. It was weird though. It was red. The leaves on the trees were red. The grass was red and the animals were red.

This was funny. Lucia peered at the leaves. They were green. And I know what you're thinking but the tree trunks were green too. And no it wasn't moss. The animals were also green. It was if someone had taken a giant green spray can and gone crazy.

Myrtle stroked the orange branch and prodded the orange grapes. Something was wrong here. What was this?

Gale had to find Sonique. He remembered she'd headed his way a couple of minutes back but he hadn't seen her since. He looked up and seeing a Mockingjay, he sang a message to his ally. She'd hear it eventually.

Sonique, Sonique,

There's a gale blowing

by the river in the green.

It was simple enough.  He had to find safety now. He ducked under a branch and saw a tall tree towering above all the others. He clambered up the trunk easily. Too easily. There was a blood red hive at the top but it was empty. He crawled in. It was full of nuts and berries and mushrooms and other treasures. This wasn't just a hive, it was a nest and whatever lived here would be returning. Soon. For the next hour Gale set up a hideout in the tree opposite; Peeta had taught him a little about camoflage, enough to ensure he wouldn't be seen; his flaming red costume helped him blend. He had a good mind to just stay there and let everyone just kill eachother but the Gamemakers wouldn't like that or let it happen. He peered through the branches and waited. Sure enough the monster returned. It was actually a swarm of Trackajackers. Mutts. Big Mutts. Extremely big Mutts. Flint was right. He had upped his game. They were about 10 times their original size - as big as bear cub - he had no chance. He also had no food. Why hadn't he collected from the Hive when he had the chance? He would have to wait till they left. Then it began to rain. Acid rain.

Myrtle thrust her spear at a tribute from six. She missed. Three times. She dodged an arrow but the boy didn't even seem to be trying. He tripped over a branch revealing a Golden Mockingjay tatooed on his neck.

"Stop!" Myrtle raised a hand to her neck. The boy stopped cautiously, expecting her to pull a knife but she lowered her collar so he could see something the cameras couldn't. An identicle Mockingjay tatoo.

"My husband is her cousin." She whispered. The boy stood tall. He seemed stronger somehow.

"Then you know her plan?"


"She's here." He said quietly.

"She's what?!"

"Didn't you see the broadcast of the skill test?"

"No, I was passed out."

"Your husband put on quite a display. He was rated 12 by the judges."

"Hardly surprising, they want him dead."

"Well he's as good as dead here. The fruit can kill you."

"What do you mean?" "I've been looking, spying and everything here is poisonous but it won't kill you. The tributes have been getting sick but no one is dying. We have a 50/50 chance of surviving if we stay here."

"So what do you suggest we do?"

"Head towards the beacon. The Mockingjay has a plan." Allies, they headed for the beacon - a tall amber tree towering high above all the others.

Waiting, waiting, waiting...CRASH! A large melon fell from the tree. But was it safe? At this point, she didn't care. Lucia took a slice out of the Melon with the tip of her spear and sunk her teeth into its lucious segment. She sighed in relief. It was definately safe and tasted amazing. There had to be a catch; this was too easy. She heard buzzing. Very loud, big buzzing. She turned around to meet face to face with what looked like a giant green bumblebee. Before she had time to scream, it lifted her into the air, taking her into a bright green hive. She looked around. It was very spacious. Not scary at all but that was probably the reason it was dangerous. She noticed nuts and berries all around her. She ate one and decided it was the most delicious food she'd ever eaten. Her last supper. The giant bee flew forwards until they were face to face. She closed her eyes, preparing for the worst. Then it opened its mouth and sighed. An actual sigh of exasperation. Lucia opened one eye and peered at this unusual creature. It lifted its feeler and placed it on her head. She felt a volt of electricity course through her veins. She was scared at first but then she could feel it inside her head. Talking to her. "You're a Trackerjacker? You are hungry. You can't eat. Why? You have all this food. Orange? You can only eat orange food?" She sympathised with the Trackerjacker and this seemed to trigger a soft spot somewhere because seconds later, a silver parachute floated past the hive and Lucia hauled it in. Opening it, she was disappointed but smiled all the same. It was a good gift, a brilliant gift. The only problem was, it wasn't for her. She gave the Trackerjacker a segment of the orange in her hand. It ate like it had never eaten which she found out, it hadn't. The Trackerjacker had never eaten in its entire life. This was strange. A Capitol modified wasp would surely be much, much more aggresive. But it wasn't. Lucia screamed as a green, orange and red coloured monkey mutt with viciously savage claws and teeth, peered its head into the entrance. The Trackerjacker sprang in front of Lucia and hissed green spit at the monkey making it lose its grip and it fell like a stone to the ground. It turned to Lucia. She had a major adavantage that the Gamemakers would NEVER have seen coming: She'd made alliances witha mutt. How? She had no idea.

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