Breaking The Arrow

This is a fan fic of the Hunger Games where Gale now has a family of his own and as Katniss and Peeta are in hiding and presumed dead, Gale is now the only officially known surviving rebel and the new President of the capitol wants his spirit broken. He and his family are sent into the Hunger Games however they have been upgraded with even more dangerous obstacles and creatures. The trackerjackers have grown in size and now not only does Gale have to fight but so does his wife and 12 year old daughter. But when his daughter kills her mother by accident, Gale begins to realise he will eventually have to kill HER unless he can get her away and break out.


4. Rise of the Mockingjay

Of course there was no time for reunions. Katniss worked all night on Gale's outfit. She was going to get him out. But she only had enough room for one person; she couldn't save the other tributes. There were so many. But at least Gale would be safe. She'd been tracking Flint for a while then when Gale's name came up in one of Flint's tapped conversations, she knew he'd be going in and she had to stop it. So for ten years she lived in the Capitol, keeping in contact with everyone in 13 and trained to be a stylist - not one of her strong suits - but she worked hard and for Gale and soon she was the most respected stylist in Capitol. She took the name Catnip matching her fake appearence from Gale's nickname for her and Peeta sent her an arrow once a year with a spear head in the shape of a fish. A strange sentiment but still thoughtful.

It was ready.

"And now ladies and gentlemen please welcome our first group of tributes!" President Flint's voice boomed over the platform arena. Gale, the two tributes from 1, Sonique, a solidly built man from 5 and two girls from district 10 all rode in a chariot each wearing thier costumes. The tributes from 1 wore all blue leather suits embroided with lights. Their hair had been died green and was sparkling full of gems and gold dust thus symbolising their district's contributions of luxury items. They were the Careers. Sonique was wearing a mechanical suit with metal wings and mesh leggings showing Electronics. She was literally gleaming. Her suit reflected the light and Gale thought she looked beautiful. The man from 5 was wearing a storm suit: Black leather with flashing lightening bolts in the design showing off Power. The girls from 10 are wearing the least attractive outfits: dresses made from straw and sewn in flowers. Their hair braided with golden lillies. They looked pretty but because they symbolised Livestock, their stylist decided not to be too imaginative. Gale was the last to ride out but when he did everyone fell silent and the other tributes just stared. He rode out in his younger form wearing the hunting clothes but his tatoo was glowing brightly and music played from within the clothes; the buttons were each a speaker. They played  the mockingjay song and then from no where a flock of Mockingjays swooped in and surrounded him singing with him. Finally the outfit burst into flames just like Katniss had revealing a suit made of Diamonds because although he now lived in 6 he was from 12 known for Mining coal which becomes diamond and she was telling everyone . Then his tatoo went up in smoke before reappearing as a huge print on the back of his diamnd suit giving Flint the message that Katniss may have gone up in smoke but the rise of the Mockingjay is coming.

There was chaos. The crowd erupted with applause and as Gale left the Platform, he caught Flint's eye and he knew he was dead.

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