Breaking The Arrow

This is a fan fic of the Hunger Games where Gale now has a family of his own and as Katniss and Peeta are in hiding and presumed dead, Gale is now the only officially known surviving rebel and the new President of the capitol wants his spirit broken. He and his family are sent into the Hunger Games however they have been upgraded with even more dangerous obstacles and creatures. The trackerjackers have grown in size and now not only does Gale have to fight but so does his wife and 12 year old daughter. But when his daughter kills her mother by accident, Gale begins to realise he will eventually have to kill HER unless he can get her away and break out.


1. Going back

Racing through the trees, branches scratching her arms and legs. She trips and blood gushes from a gash in her leg but she must run, musn't be caught, musn't die. She rips a piece of her shirt and wraps it around her leg to stem the flow. The cloth is filthy and ragged but it's that or nettles.  Again she ran, her agile body slipping through the twisting vines. One more mile. Just one more. Then there was a rustle in the leaves. She stopped, not a pause, just stopped. She smiled. Hello. She thought. It's been a while. She closed her eyes and turned around. Slowly she raised her bow, pulled an arrow from her quiver and, eyes still shut, she pulled back the string and listened to the silence....




As she released, the golden tipped arrow zipped through the air and within a second, the deer fell down to the ground dead.

Now she had to run. Deer strapped to her back, she sprinted, her feet pounding on the carpet of leaves. She heard a shout, probably a Peacekeeper but never dared to look back, just kept running.

"What the heck is wrong with you! We've been given the chance to live a normal life, a second chance and you want to blow it in the first few days! Oh My..! You're bleeding and it's infected. I warned you! Didn't I warn you? This is your fault Gale, teaching her how to run before she could walk! You know I don't like her killing, god forbid she gets hanged for poaching! Gale are you listening to me?"

Gale stood facing the window, staring solemnly at his reflection. How he had aged. He was 32 now. So old. His hair was darker, he'd started shaving and dark circles were now forming under his tired eyes. How long it had been since he'd shot an arrow. Ever since he left the rebel army to fight in the military, he had not touched his bow. It remained propped up in the corner of the room caked with dust. Although in his hunting days, he rarely used the bow. He could shoot but he was best at trapping. He turned to look at the woman behind him standing with her hands on her hips. His wife but not his love. She had thin brown hair and a pale face from lack of sun. Her eyes were big and blue and though she was angry they sparkled from the sun beam streaking through the window. She was beautiful but she wasn't her. No one could ever be her. No one could ever replace his Mockingjay. He then turned his gaze to the young girl standing defiantly in the doorway. His daughter, only 12 and she could shoot an arrow just as good as her and could trap as good as him. 

It was funny, while her mother had bright blue eyes, she possessed the grey eyes of her father and his district. The only strangeness of it was that she had two specks of gold in her pupils. Nobody knew why but nobody asked. She almost looked exactly like Prim. Why was his past coming back to haunt him? He had a family now and they were his focus. Katniss loved Peeta and as she was in hiding, she was presumed dead.

He'd taught his daughter everything, just in case...just in case she should have to..... He couldn't bare to think about it so he shook the thought out of his mind.

"Lucia," he said softly to his daughter, "You know your mother is right. You should not have gone to the forrest. Who knows what could have happened to you?" He took a breath. "You know you're being taught about the rebellion in school? The one that killed many many people all because of the Games?" Lucia nodded and their eyes locked. "Do you know who the Mockingjay is?" Lucia nodded enthusiastically, excited to show off her knowledge of the Games, they were her favourite subject in school.

"The Mockingjay was a symbol. She was the leader of a rebellion started when she went against the Capitol with her true love and went on to kill her own leader at the end of the rebellion and then President Snow died and blood went everywhere! Then a new President was elected and President Flint is now in charge even though he is only nineteen, he has the experienced mind of a thirty year old and he brought back the Hunger Games and now they are much better or worse, depending on how you look at it and he's bringing a whole family preferably three people from the districts that were rebuilt after the rebellion and it used to be two children but since he's upped his Games, family members will have to kill eachother and get taken away at random. People disappear and then are seen on tv. Is that right?"

Gale nodded his head. "Yes but do you know the reason that all of this puts, in extreme danger?" Lucia shook her head.

"Because the Mockingjay...Katniss is my....." He breathed in and glanced at his wife. She must never know. "...she was my cousin. I hunted with her back in district 12. She was the winner of the Games and I lead the rebellion with her."

"But Daddy, district 12 doesn't exist. You live in district 6 now with mum and me."

"It did and it was my home but in the rebellion, the Capitol burnt it to the ground and you must never go to the woods because the Peacekeepers are here and nobody shoots here. Nobody owns a bow and arrow apart from two people. You and me. If they catch you, they will kill you and I can't lose you too, I can't" His voice broke and he squeased his eyes shut, blinking back the tears. He stood up beside his wife and took her by the arm.

"If it comes to it, I will start trapping again. Somebody has to provide for the Family."


"Myrtle, I know this is difficult for you. But you married me knowing my past and you didn't abandon me then so listen to me now. I will not stand by and watch you starve when I'm capable of providing food."

She nodded and that was it. That night as they ate meat pie, something shifted. Gale could feel that familiar sensation, when something is watching, waiting to pounce; he used to be a hunter, he should know. The right moment, when you least expect it. And that's when he knew they had to go. He grabbed Lucia and Myrtle and took them out to the back garden to safety. He knew what was coming and tried to run but it was too late. The house exploded; windows shattered, slates flew off the roof as a Capitol bomb dropped from a Capitol plane. He yelled and fought and tried to escape as two soldiers gripped his arms as his family were teleported up and eventually he let his mind slip into unconciousness as his limp, paralysed body was lifted up too.

He was going into the Hunger Games with Myrtle and Lucia and at some point, he would have to kill them.

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