Breaking The Arrow

This is a fan fic of the Hunger Games where Gale now has a family of his own and as Katniss and Peeta are in hiding and presumed dead, Gale is now the only officially known surviving rebel and the new President of the capitol wants his spirit broken. He and his family are sent into the Hunger Games however they have been upgraded with even more dangerous obstacles and creatures. The trackerjackers have grown in size and now not only does Gale have to fight but so does his wife and 12 year old daughter. But when his daughter kills her mother by accident, Gale begins to realise he will eventually have to kill HER unless he can get her away and break out.


5. Fast forward

It was time to show the judges his skills what he could do. He'd spent a day doing different skill courses. He'd done a bit of trapping and some shooting. But he didn't show what he could do. He needed to make himself look vunerable and not a contestant to beat. He may have a better chance of the other tributes leaving him alone. Finally he was let into the training room. It had changed dramatically since he'd last visited. The obstacles were gone and were replaced with each skill - ropes and bows and paints and everything you could think of. But Gale was going to do the unexpected.

Gold paint here.

Climb the wall to paint a corner.

Abseil down to paint another.

Finally he stood before the wall and looked at his painting of a golden Mockinjay. Then he took his bow and felt it fall into that familiar position. 12 years. He closed his eyes and released. 300 times he shot an arrow. He outlined his drawing with golden arrows. Then he took the silver spear and threw it right into the centre of the Mockingjay's eye. Then he turned to the judges who were dumbfounded. Their mouths gaped open but he wasn't done. He remembered back to his hunting days and what Catnip had taught him the night before. He opened his mouth and sang:

Birds in the forest fell silent,

When she sang to me, when she sang to her.

She ran, she ran,

For your pleasure, for your fun,

But twice she sang and twice she won.

The snow has fallen, you burnt her home,

You thought her dead, but free she roams.

Not her cousin, but her lover instead,

We hunted together, you'd better be scared.

You thought you put out her fire but then,

The Mockingjay shall rise again.

The flame won't burn out,

But Flint's time will end,

Because the Mockingjay shall rise again.

Gale then raised his left hand to his mouth, ran his lips across his middle three fingers, then raised it to his painting then spoke with a fire in his eyes:

"May the odds be ever in your favour." Then he walked out leaving the judges shaking. The truth was out now, the only difference was, his performance had been televised and everyone watching had seen. Catnip smiled in the wings. The time wasn't right yet but she would make a comeback and when she did, Gale and Peeta would be at her side and she would be more powerful then ever. The only problem was Flint. He'd been watching too and there was no doubt in Katniss' mind that Gale would not only be given a rating of 12 from the judges, but was probably the only person Flint feared because this could be the start of a new uprising and a new rebellion. But this time, there would be two of them fighting against the Capitol.

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