Breaking The Arrow

This is a fan fic of the Hunger Games where Gale now has a family of his own and as Katniss and Peeta are in hiding and presumed dead, Gale is now the only officially known surviving rebel and the new President of the capitol wants his spirit broken. He and his family are sent into the Hunger Games however they have been upgraded with even more dangerous obstacles and creatures. The trackerjackers have grown in size and now not only does Gale have to fight but so does his wife and 12 year old daughter. But when his daughter kills her mother by accident, Gale begins to realise he will eventually have to kill HER unless he can get her away and break out.


8. Escape?

Everything happened at once. There was complete uproar. Flint swooped down in his fancy helicopter reaching for Gale's throat while Sonique rode on the back of the Giant Trackerjacker towards Flint. She was going to die. Gale could sense it, like the calm before the storm in a hunter's mind. She was going to go headfirst into a plane thus knocking it off course while killing herself. Flint, in a fit of fury was actually piloting the plane himself - a many of many talents - but he did not suspect what was coming next and neither did Gale: The Trackerjacker suddenly turned around so it was flying backwards right into the plane, planting its sting into Flint's chest. Gale watched as Flint's eyes went a deep shade of purple as he fell to the floor - a painless death. The purple was an anesthetic. No one, not even Flint should have to go through the kind of pain a Giant Trackerjacker can cause, well the Trackerjacker thought so anyway. They could think. Gale still couldn't get over that. The plane crashed into the ground as the whole of Panem watched their President die. The plane went up in smoke, igniting the arena with it although by this time all but two tributes had made it to the hives. The two girls from district 10, Breeze and Lititha. They were pressed up against the tree trunk fighting off a group of Venus Fly Traps. The Gamemakers were overdoing themselves. They were actually getting the oversized plants to attack the tributes. Sonique dived down right into the mouth of the plant. Gale screamed for the first time in his life. A proper scream as he watched Sonique be digested. If that plant could swallow her plus a ginormous Trackerjacker, that was SOME plant. But then he realised it couldn't. It couldn't take the mass of the Trackerjacker, therefore as it tried to swallow, it imploded leaving acid goo flying all over the other murderous plants and dissolving them in a matter of seconds. The Trackerjacker emerged from the gunk but Sonique was unconcious and in a bad condition. She had acid burns all over her body. Gale slid her off the sadle he'd made out of twine and laid her on the floor where he applied some of the medicine he'd recieved in his Parachute. It helped a little but he had no time. How were they going to get out? There was a force field between each section. The only way they could get out was up. He had to tell everyone but he didn't know how to work the device that sonique had set up. She'd smuggled a small handheld device that had been built into her clothing. He pressed a blue button and saw his face on the screen. He urgently looked directly at the device hoping to face the tributes. The Gamemakers will be doing everything in their power to kill us now. We won't survive long in the hives. Look up." And everyone did. There was a massive dome of a force field looking down on them and right in the middle of the arena above the Cornocopia was a small hole in the dome which the Capitol Planes enter through to retrieve the dead tributes. Perfect.

"Ride a Trackerjacker through that hole. If you come across a plane, do what Sonique did but be careful." Gale didn't know if it would work but he was reassured when he saw his wife zip through the hole with ease followed by the tributes in her section. Next was Lucia. She clung tightly to the bug afraid of falling off. Then as she passed over the red section, a flock of bright red herons with piercingly sharp beaks, took a swipe at her. She screamed as her Trackerjacker tried to protect her but there were too many. Gale grabbed his and flew upwards towards her. He squeezed his eyes tight and rammed into the birds sending them spinning. He grabbed Lucia's reins and towed her out. Then he returned for Sonique but there he found Joshua Oenski, Head Gamemaker. How had he gotten there so quickly? Easily, the same way they got out. Worst thing was, Sonique was having a fit on the floor. Nightlock mixed with Trackerjacker venom, she had minutes. Gale flung himself at Joshua and tackled him to the ground. Joshua delivered a punch to the stomach and Gale staggered backwards intp the wall. He grabbed his net and threw it over him but missed. Joshua searched for his knife in the hay. Lucia meanwhile, was speeding back through the hole with her bow and quiver. She threw it down into the hive and as Joshua brought the knife down, Gale grabbed the bow and released the arrow right into the centre of Joshua's head. He fell out of the hive fifteen feet down to the ground. Gale pulled Sonique onto the Green Trackerjacker and while he sang to her, Lucia steered them towards the hole. Up and out. Everyone was following Myrtle. To where though? Then they saw it. Her. They were heading towards the figure in black and white with golden mechanical wings rising slowly in the air. The Mockinjay in her full beauty and everyone stared in awe. Katniss flew in the suit Cinna had made. The Mockingjay wedding dress in all its glory. Her golden mechanical wings made her soar so the sun reflected off her dazzling make up. He face glowed with thick black outlines and studded diamonds across her face. He hair was done up and she was wearing her winner crown.

"Flint has fallen. The Mockingjay has risen. No more rebellions. I am taking over as President. No more bloodshed. I am restoring district 13 and rebuilding 12."

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