Breaking The Arrow

This is a fan fic of the Hunger Games where Gale now has a family of his own and as Katniss and Peeta are in hiding and presumed dead, Gale is now the only officially known surviving rebel and the new President of the capitol wants his spirit broken. He and his family are sent into the Hunger Games however they have been upgraded with even more dangerous obstacles and creatures. The trackerjackers have grown in size and now not only does Gale have to fight but so does his wife and 12 year old daughter. But when his daughter kills her mother by accident, Gale begins to realise he will eventually have to kill HER unless he can get her away and break out.


3. Catnip

A long table laiden with roast chicken, sweet potato, carrots and peas, honey roast ham with a delicious golden glaze. Then on the other side of the table were pineapples and pears and grapes, ice cream, jelly, chocloates, cakes and delectable pastel quips -ironically- the shape of Mockingjays. And that was only the first table. Ten other tables just like it plastered with all sorts of lucious food that the tributes couldn't even dream of. They were unsure at first whether it was all an illusion and if they were really allowed to touch it but Vyn gave a nod and all the tributes leapt. It was as if a herd of starving animals had been let out. Gale was cautious. He couldn't see Myrtle anywhere. She would probably get hers later with the other group. He stared at the platter of Rose Wynbits. Lucia's favourite. He popped the white sugar ball with a rose decoration in his mouth and as is burst, ten sour-sweet fruity flavours exploded across his tastebuds then fizzed into a gentle sweet rosy taste. His mouth watered for more but he walked away. They were addictive; once you have two, the juices start filling your body and make  you swell up because you keep eating and eating and eating... rumour has it that in the Games, someone from an opposing district cheated by sending tributes in the arena a whole basket full and although no one knows if it's true, they say that the boy had so many, he exploded.

When no one was looking, Gale shoved bread and bottles and grapes and anything he could down his sleeve and in his pockets and anywhere possible. He was going to need them in the games.

There were Capitol freaks everywhere. When Gale was helping in the rebellion, he'd seen a lot of wierd things that the people from the Capitol give themselves: Whiskers and tails, scales, more limbs, wings even. But the rich ones who could afford more extravegant things were dining with the tributes and Gale had never seen anything like it. Some had their whole bodies dyed different colours; one man had multicoloured eyeballs! But what really shocked him were the servants. They were the Avox. Katniss....The Mockingjay had told him about them - the mute girl, they one they saw in the forest and didn't help when the Capitol hovercraft came for them. But the ones she mentioned had red hair, pale skin with porcelain features and no tongue. There were some like this but there were also tall Cat-like girls. They were teenagers with blue bodies, long white hair, cat eyes, tail, whiskers, Cat ears poking out of their hair. They were more cat than human. It made him feel sick. Then one caught his eye and he stared at her; he recognised her. Her eyes widened and just like a cat, she slipped quickly away amongst the crowd and disappeard. He knew that before he went into the games, he would find her.

They sat down to eat that evening at a long orange table. Unlike the table at breakfast, it was laiden with very simple food, bread, water, fish and potatoes, root carybins and sesame toast. It was probably to wear off the rich food they'd eaten that morning. Myrtle clutched a cutlery knife in her hand. When Gale walked through that door with the other tributes, the last thing he'd see was her blade. Selfish, ignorant, arrogant man! She could think of worse things but they were pointless. Her little girl... Everyone was through excepte Gale. Had she missed him? She looked around; only half the tributes were in the room. Gale must be in another one. He wouldn't escape her in the Games. He would be her first kill. She would avenge her was funny, he loved her so much, surely killing her was just as bad as letting her be killed by a stranger? He was stronger  than her, she would need help. She would need to make alliances.

Gale walked into a purple room with a long orange table laiden with simple food. Good. He still had stomach ache from that morning. Too much rich food. He sat down next to a girl from district  3. She was small and quiet and her features resembled a bat. He smiled at her but she shrunk away. Then a boy and girl from district 1 came over and snatched her bread. She gave a tiny yelp and they walked away laughing. They would never have allowed that in district 13. She sniffed quietly and put her hair behind her ear revealing a gold Mockingjay tattoo on her neck. Gale slid his bread onto her plate and she looked at him questioningly. Was this kindness? Was he going to grab it last minute and laugh at her; a joke? “I can eat?” she asked. He smiled but she didn’t know if he could be trusted. He could see this so slowly he leaned closer to her and whispered “My cousin is the Mockingjay and she is alive.” This startled the girl and her whole face brightened at once. She wolfed down the bread and Gale got up to leave. “Sonique,” Gale stopped and turned around. “Pardon?” “Sonique. My name. Please, can we be allies.” Gale nodded and left. Next up, training.

Slash! The stomach is ripped open. Zing! Arrow right through the heart. She had aways been a natural with a bow and arrow but now Lucia found she was also pretty handy with a knife. The dummies lay limpless on the ground, stuffing spread out across the floor. She gave a satisfied nod before moving to the next door: Assault course. She was pretty worried at this point. Flint had paid her a little visit before hand; had her parents really joined together to kill her before anyone else could? She didn't want to die, especially by her parents. Didn't they love her? Stupid. Of course they loved her, that's why they were going to give her the nightlock so she wouldn't have to go through this. But was it worth it? No. She would kill them first. Speaking of killing, that was something else Flint had said. Something about the course being more lethal. The door opened; she yelped and ducked as thirty knives flew above her head. Right, lethal.

Gale jumped the first spiked hurdle. Second spiked hurdle. Through the barbed wire net. Down a trapdoor.....?

That wasn't part of the assault course.  He looked up to see Flint.

"Hello! No time for idle chit chat but you've been training for six hours and now it's time for the parade! In three hours you will be in the second parade. There are three, your wife is in the first. You will be made up by a professional stylist. She has worked hard for many years to become a stylist for the Games and she asked specifically for you. Meet our top stylist: Catnip." The girl he had recognised the day before, the cat girl, the avox, but when she smiled he could see that she had a tongue. Probably because she was of course a stylist and not a servant. Flint left and a team of stylists waltzed in. The first was a girl with purple hair and studded diamonds on her forehead. Her name was Rarita. The second a boy of 19 with purple skin and hair and a star tatooed on his arm: Dusk. The third another girl with a checked shirt and long braided blonde hair with neon flowers in her plaits and bright green leggings and clunky mountain boots: Jaqueline. The last, a very quiet, tall young man with red hair, a long yellow top and white trousers: Fluuten.

Catnip, the head stylist, turned to them.

"Go find me some class 149 shampoo spray." They all nodded excitedly and rushed out the room. They were alone.

"Are you..?"

"SIT!" This startled Gale who immediately sat. She inspected hime from head to toe.

"your hair is too long, you're unshaven and are wearing clothes that don't suit you. This way!"

She cut his hair, shaved him, put him in hunting clothes, applied a specially formulated cream that not only burns wrinkles but gives you a permanant glow of youth. She then stamped him with a gold Mockingjay tatoo on his neckk. He flinched and she rubbed some salt on it.  She stood him before the mirror and he stared back at a younger Gale. A Gale who was about to go out hunting with...her.

Catnip peeled her blue skin off revealing her pale white flesh underneath: artificial skin. Whipped off her whiskers and cat ears: headband. Took out her cat eyes revealing plain grey natural eyes beneathe: contacts. Then undid her tail: mechanical. The work of a master of mechanics and there was only one girl from district 3 with a Mockingjay tatoo like his and Catnip's: Sonique. Finally she removed her white wig revealing the rebel beneathe.


"It's Catnip now. Welcome to the Hunger Games Gale."

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