Egyptian Tragedy

The Torchwood team come across a deserted cave in Egypt on a holiday or so they thought, falling through the rift takes them back in time to the time of mummys and they end up in trouble


1. The Torchwood Hub

Jack closed his suitcase and lifted it of his desk to the centre of the hub, Both Owen and Gwen were talking to eachother a sparkle in each eye, Ianto making his normal cup of coffee Jack winked at him and strolled to tosh's console she wasnt here suddenly having to go up to Japan when they were all going on the best holiday ever, no aliens, no troubles,no nothing and she has to go away they were going to miss her well jack was the others werent that bothered they were looking forward to not hearing a science fact every second of the day but she was the teccy which was a good use and if they ever got in trouble they always needed her there so i suppose they did need her they just didnt want to admit it. They were all soon out of the hub, Gwen pilled with suitcases she insisted on taking everything she could "It must be a girl thing" Owen whispered into Ianto ears as she threw them into the car, it took them 6 hours to get to the airport and all of them in silence for all of it they were never very good with the talking thing and now that they were there they couldnt stop, all of them enjoying the few moment they had in piece and being normal until it all started to go wrong

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