The Poisoned Apple

A story like Snow White, but it's a mordern romance, with love and death


6. My death

I got home, got dressed, put on make up, brushed my teeth and said bye to Mum, Dad and Jen. I set off down the road. The field Draegan had suggested was very close to my house. Then I was there. He was there with Ember and Essence and setting up the picnic. I decided to walk over and say hello. So I did. "Hi."

All three of them looked up. Oh, Draegan was gorgeous. I couldn't even describe him. I sat down at the picnic with Draegan and offered Ember a bun. She looked shifty (as did Essence) and said no and goodbye,as they were going to leave us in peace. So I ate some food with Draegan. It was lovely, just like a party buffet - mini sandwiches, cocktail sausages, little buns, pineapple and cheese on sticks, different cakes - and a basket of apples.

When we had ate all the food, he kissed me. I kissed him back. You know you do that thing when you stroke each others hair and touch their cheek? We did that. We were so deeply in love. And then he pulled away. He smiled at me and offered me an apple. "Here, have an apple." To be honest, I didn't really like apples but this one he held out to me in his gentle, but manly hand. It looked so deliciously red, so I decided to take it. I took the first bite and swallowed. Then I froze, as the apple affected my heart. I started coughing, then choking. He didn't even bother to help me. He just stared at me like everything was perfectly normal.  I was spluttering, gasping for breath. I grabbed him but he wriggled away. Then he held my body, but with my head in his lap. I started crying, tears leaking from my eyes. Showing that I was curious and angry that he wouldn't help me. My life and my soul was being drained away from my body. I could see the light fading from my sight. I was nearly dead. Then I did something that no-one would do. I did it just after I stared, pleading into his diamond ice like eyes, see his hair the colour of lemons, and stroke his serious face. I did it just before I collapsed in his lap, limp and lifeless, in other words, dead.

I smiled at my killer and mouthed, 'I love you'.

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