Afternoon At The Savoy

I, Audrey Hilson, lead an uninteresting life up until my bedroom door was shoved open by an old uniformed man who proceeded to look down his massive nose at the orphanage matron who was my life's terror and whisked me into a fur trimmed Rolls Royce Phantom, yeah I had just about enough time to notice the beautiful, chafer driven vehicle.


3. Introduction Into The Life Of The Rich

Scott explained that the mansion, yes a mansion, can you believe it? I barely can. Anyway, I disgress. The mansion (cue silent squeal) is in  Virginia Water, Surrey  in the english countryside. Since it was already close to midnight Scott instructed the driver to head to a closer location, Green Park, in London.

"Since your presence is so far a myth your apartments in the houses have not yet been designed. Your grandfather has therefore ordered a room for you in a hotel." Scott was texting on his BlackBerry, but glanced up at me and gave me a wrinkled smile. I was exaughsted, its not everyday a person gets news that she's got a grandfather she had ever met and ran away from her boarding school, in one night. So despite being in the most luxurious car ever, I had my shoes somewhere under the seat and my legs curled beneith me.

"Scott, anywhere but the Academy is great. So this 'grandfather' of mine doesn't need to spend extra on me, tell him I couldn't care less." I was honestly too tired to even care at this point. However, no matter how knackered I was It would take a blind and deaf fish to not notice that the Royce pulled up in front of The Ritz Hotel. Yes I checked to make sure I was not already dreaming. A stinging arm later, Scott is leading me into the Hall of the hotel. 

The room was huge, crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling and stung my eyes, their glare was a little intense coming from the dark evening outside. Cream coloured wall paper with a gold and silver intricate design crawling up the walls.

That is all my closing eyes absorbed. At this point all I wanted was a place to sleep in, be it in a cardboard box or not I couldn't care less at this point. 

A running mantra of "bed, bed, bed, sleep" repeated in my mind drowning all the other thoughts of where I was, who was I with and why was I there. I would confront these more tiring and challenging thoughts later after a good lie-in and a filling breakfast. 

Scott lead me to one of the lift's it was a blur which floor we got off at, I don't even remember making it to the room before my eyes closed and I fell asleep standing upright. 


The sound of curtains drawing woke me up, none of the rare sunlight stung my eyes, this is London after all and the gloomy grey sky greeted me. It was the only familiar sight to me.

I was engulfed in a massive four poster bed, the type you imagine princesses to sleep in, still in the old hand-me-down ragged uniform of the Academy and my favourite and only hole-less socks. 

An elderly woman stood at the foot of the bed and grimaced at my appearance I probably looked like a street urchin after all I was practically a street urchin, more like an attic mouse to be honest. My thoughts must have been written clearly on my face since the wrinkled and more stuck up Mary Poppins sniffed her sharp up turned nose at me.

"You are in desperate need of a wash." Poppins, as iv'e decided to call her, spared one look at me before she started slowly pacing in front of my bed. 

"You don't say" was my witty answer, sadly my fuzzy brain still could not come up with a good enough retort to her insult, my stomach needed food to fuel my brain. Why couldn't this woman do something useful instead of lecturing me. Who the fudge is she anyway?

Her expression deepened further into one of absolute distaste. 

"You will not answer back in that disrespectful manner. You will get up, have a bath and wear appropriate clothing before your morning brunch. Then I will accompany you to purchase more appropriate clothing before I asses your abilities and deem you presentable to meet the Master. Do I make myself clear?"  Pushy Poppins fixed her hard grey eyes at me. I step foot into this lifestyle if you can even call it that and random people are already dictating my life. I went from the Communist dictatorship in The Academy to the Facist dictatorship of Pushy Poppins'. Yeah, I'm so not going to sit back and be a good puppy. 

"I think not. I want my breakfast in bed, you can go to that brunch-thingy of yours alone. Also I want to meet my grandfather  as soon as possible, this Master person of your's doesn't concern me. Besides who exactly are you to dictate to me what I do and when I do it?" Yeah so I had a temper which usually showed when anyone stood between me and my breakfast. 

Luckily Scott chose this moment to stroll in all freshly ironed shiny shoe'd butler looking and gave me a big wrinkled smile. Now that is one wrinkled face that looks friendly this morning.

"Good morning miss. I trust that you had a good night's rest." why did these people talk like they had four foot poles shoved up their backsides?

"Don't you know it Scotty. But why did you send this hag to wake me? She's been keeping me from my morning nourishment and I've been looking forward to it." So I played the puppy dog eyes and innocent child pout, sue me! I never had an occasion to use it even though I admit to practising in front of the bathroom mirrors, as if you haven't! 

Pushy Poshy Poppins made a horrified noise and threw her hands in the air before huffing and gracefully taking a seat on the reclining sofa to the left of the bed. Scotty on the other hand actually laughed. 

"Miss what would you like to have for your breakfast? The menu is on your bedside table." I instantly reached for it and scanned the contents. Wow what is up with these prices! Who in their right mind would pay £5.50 for juice, even if it so happens to be freshly squeezed tomato, prune or cranberry juice. That is just vile.

 "Poppy is your governess and is to assist you with the preparations for your debut and to equip you with the correct etiquette." Aha! so Pushy Poppins is called Poppy well then my guess was not to far then. Pushy Poshy Poppy Poppins I can invent a modern day children's rhyme at the rate im going and iv'e only just met Poppy this morning. 

But wait. Hold up. A governess? Scotty SAY WHAT! 

I had nothing, no crafty comeback, no witty remark. Scotty threw me off kilter here. I was the official barbie doll of this nazi-nanny? No way.

"Scotty please return me to the Academy. Asap!" 


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