A Leap of Faith

Is her love enough?


1. A Leap of Faith

She stood on the cliff top, the cold sea breeze snagging her long black hair and whipping it across her pale face. Her dark blue eyes scanned the turbulent waters and steel grey sky that was filling with ominous black clouds. They moved closer, rolling towards the land as if drawn forward inexorably by a need to share their burden with the ground. The air felt charged, poised on the edge of some cataclysmic event. A storm was coming and he was out there on those tossing peaks, coming home to her.

The ship pitched beneath his feet, mast creaking perilously in the fierce wind. His crew looked worried as the wind picked up speed. Lightning cracked the sky, illuminating the fear on their faces. They hadn’t sailed in a storm like this for years and now he was pushing them. All for her. He had to get home. A sudden crack of thunder crashed through the air and the ship lurched wildly as the waves leapt in the response. The wind was picking up, causing the seas to rise into vast, white crested peaks of emerald with deep valleys of darkest midnight. They would have to sail through this whether they wanted or not.

Her heart leapt into her throat as the first crack of lightning rent the sky. The storm had hit and he still wasn’t here. The wind was a loud roar in her ears and the ground shook as she raced down to the beach, slick stones slipping underneath her boots as the hem of her long dress snagged on the ground. The waves were pounding the jagged rocks that formed the beach and she stood in the harsh spray, the sharp tang of salt stinging her eyes and nose. Frantically she scoured the horizon, praying for the flash of sodden white that would signal his arrival.

The remnants of the mast, cleaved in two by a bolt of lightning, crashed into the tumultuous waves, dragging the tattered rag of a sail with it. He looked at the distant shore, glimpsing a far off figure. “Anna-Molly…” he murmured, hoping the wind would carry his voice to her. He leapt into the waves.

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