The poem is about the beauty of true love, and how strong it could be. In this poem, a girl is expressing her true love for someone.


1. True Love


A valient heart beats,

A waterfull of love arises from my soul.

Our hearts beome one as our eyes lock together,

Tying an everlasting bond around us.


I have been nourished with joy, and filled with contentness,

When you speak time freezes around us, when we kiss sparks fly around us.

Our love is an unbreakable piece of art,

It's colours expresses every moment we shared and every moment to come.


A blossoming red rose,

It's blinding beauty mesmerises us.   

An essence of love,

Lights up the passion and affection inside us.


You'll always be mine, I'll always be yours, 

You'll see my life through your eyes, I'll see your life through mine.

My love enlightens your heart, your love enlightens mine.


No matter what obstacles may come our way,

Nothing can keep us apart.

No star is too high to wish upon,

And no ocean too deep to venture beyond.


Your arms wrap around me, you are my guard and shelter.

Your love embraces me, as we fall into the souls of eachother.


A spell of true love

Has binded us in an enchanting trance.

Words are meaningless to what you mean to me

Me and my heart have sweared allegience to you.

You are my true love, and will be forever.


By Kasturi Datta                                                                                                                                                                         

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