Being lovesick, love struck, writing abour an untouchable thing ... that I am not familiar with ...


4. ****


The next morning I was at the library at nine. I thought a lot of how stupid I was that I thought I fell in love on first sight. In a guy I never saw in my life. I was just stupid. I was nothing like Cindy. I’m sure.

As I cleared that up I could finally start studying. And I worked till lunch.

“Lisa, I’m going to lunch. Do you want anything?” Cynthia asks. She let me eat in the library even though  I wasn’t allowed to.

“No thanks. I’ll go to lunch later,” I just say and continue writing diseases of our stomach. And for fifteen minutes there was nice silence. But then I heard footsteps. I was the only one in the library and it was uncommon that anybody would be in the library at lunch time. And there weren’t any exams coming up so I wasn’t expecting any students to come to the library to study. That’s why I looked up. And I saw him again … The nice guy from yesterday … He didn’t even notice I was sitting there, in the corner.

I didn’t mind. I didn’t have a crush over him so it was irrelevant.

When Cynthia came back she stepped to me.

“Who’s that?” she asks me and sits in a chair next to mine. Now the guy looked up. He looked at me, but I looked away.

“I don’t know. He’s nice I guess. Why?” I ask suspiciously.

“Oh, I just have never seen him before. Maybe he has  moved here or he has just never liked the library … until now,” she says. She gave me a cup of coffee.

“Thanks. Do you have any more books about stomach diseases?” I ask her quietly before she leaves.

“Maybe in the back room … I’ll go and check. You don’t need to know everything already, you know?” she says walking away.

Then I turned my attention back to my notes. But with that guy here I found it kind of hard to study.

“Here you are,” Cynthia says and practically throws five big books on my desk.

“Thanks, I guess … I can’t study with that guy there,” I say before she leaves.

She gave him a quick sideways glance.

“Well, he surely spends more time looking at you than his book. Get used to things like that sweetie. You are a girl and he is a guy,” she says with an evil voice. She loved the thought that I didn’t like the guy. That I didn’t like people looking at me.

“I hate you. I’m going to go studying between the bookshelves where the books that I need are. Well … goodbye now,” I say angrily and theatrically, grabbing my bag, books and notes and walking away. Cynthia only smiled.

I felt loads better in the far corner of the library. There wasn’t a soul in sight and I was surrounded with books I needed. I was so focused on my work I didn’t hear anybody coming until a shadow fell on my notes.

I was sure it was Cynthia.

“Yes, Cynthia?” I say and continue writing.

“Sorry, but I’m sure my name isn’t Cynthia,” a male’s voice says. I immediately looked up and looked right into those beautiful blue eyes.

“Sorry, I thought it was the librarian,” I say without any shame or embarrassment in my voice or on my face.

The guy was quiet for a few seconds, than he kneeled.

“My name is Alex. Nice to meet you,” he says and offers his hand. I shook it but didn’t say a word. I turned back to my notes.

“What’s your name?” he asks. I may have been rude not to tell my name right away.

“I’m not supposed to talk to strangers,” I say. First my face was like a poker face, but then I just had to smile. I always wanted to say this, but never actually had a chance.

“Oh, really? Then how are you going to be a doctor if you won’t talk to you patients, who will be strangers?” he asks. He was a smart guy. I wouldn’t come up with that so fast.

“Hi, I’m Lisa. Can I help you?” I introduce myself put down my notes, stand up and take a book to return it to its rightful place.

“Maybe. The librarian says you have a book I need,” he says and also stands up.

“Well, which one? You can take it, if it’s not the one I’m reading now,” I say and pile up my notes.

“No. I’d like the one about the intestine diseases,” he says, picks up one of my book and shows it to me.

“Fine, you can take it. I don’t need it yet,” I say and sit down again. My heart was beating fast I didn’t really know what to say.

“Thanks,” he says and leaves again. I hated being in love. Especially when the guy doesn’t even notice you like him a little bit more than any other guy. It sucks.

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