At The Balcony

Inspired by Pino Daeni's painting of the same title.


1. At The Balcony

Truthfully, my darling,

I Forgot where I began.

What hopeless eyes and crippled tongue

And fevered heart of man.


I’ve nothing left to scratch against

The stars or on the sun,

In the after-glow of pain, with all

The things that pain has done.


And I have died a thousand times,

While waiting at your door.

Caught between the itching shade and

Breathless grace I saw.


While curved around the sky’s embrace,

You never notice me.

Your shoulder, like a swallow’s wing,

Aligned so beautifully.


My dear, but I have loved and loved,

So fiercely and true.

Such burning heat of heart and soul –

I found myself in you.


And I don’t care for Heaven now –

Its Grace is obsolete.

I’ll show my Spirit how to love,

I’ll kneel before your feet.


And I am not delivered, love,

Until you let me speak.

The roaring up against my ribs

Has made my rhythm weak.


But I will sing like rifle fire;

My love will wake the dead.

I’ll follow like a ritual

The life that you have led.


And what of judgement? What of death?

You overthrow the flame.

Fists of joy and walls of hope,

We’ll leave the way we came.


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