The Boy Who Couldn't Smile

This is my entry got the valentines day competition, I hope you enjoy it :)
I honestly tried and tried to think of a description, but I just couldn't without making it sound naff...
In a nutshell it's about a boy with aspergers, but you'll have to read it to understand!

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I didn't mean to offend anyone by writing about aspergers (I don't see why I would, but just in case) I just find it SUCH an interesting topic.


1. What has already happened

My name is Adelaide. Before the question enters your mind, no. No, I do not like my name, it was a spur of the moment idea of my mothers. She is a writer and at the time I was born she was enthralled by the Victorian era.
I am not the the sort of person who breaks rules, be they laws or so called "social rules". This is not because I am a goodie two shoes, this is because I have a brain and can quite clearly see the consequences of doing so. At least, I say this. But the whole story I am about to tell you is about me, climbing out of the big box that everyone else is standing in to sit on the edge for a while. In fact I can safely say that I have now jumped off the edge and have begun to run, far away from the box. I still don't know if this is a good idea or not, as there is a fair few of my family, inside that box.

And so, I suppose, I should begin to tell you what I had so cruelly deprived you of before, why I am writing this story. I realised it when I was sitting on the bus. That I was entirely, head over heels in love with him. William. William Alexander. And why is that so interesting? I hear you ask. And I have to admit that this story is about me falling in love, which I expect some of you will find neither original nor interesting. But it is William who is so very interesting. Because he is not like other boys, not like other people. You see, William has something called Aspergers Syndrome. That's why this story is not going to be as easy going as you might have thought.
I personally hate stories where you open the cover and find out that the main point of the story has already happened, but the main point of this story has not already happened. The main point of the story is not me falling in love, it is me being in love.
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