Stephanie is a 15-year old girl, living in London. Her mum died, when Stephanie was only 3 years old. Though, Stephanie has lost her memory. Not because of the loss of her mum, but... Something else. Nobody knows why exactly. But someday, Stephanie finds a strange picture, of her mum and... Another baby. A baby, that isn't Stephanie.
From that point on, Stephanie is haunted by horrifying dreams and strange visions.


4. Sanity

What is sanity? A doctors twisted picture of the ideal human? An average man, named John, working as a lawyer, and after work returning to his wife, Suzy, and his son and daughter, Stevie and Eliza? Not in my mind.

I’ve always been told that I’m not 100 % sane. But why? Who, or what, decides what is sane, and what is not? In my opinion, insane people are those latte-drinking ordinary, blonde, blue eyed lovable people. Because not changing at all, is complete nonsense. If no one changes, no one thinks outside the box, we will never have change. What if Newton had never thought of gravity when he was hit in the head by that apple, and just went with it like everybody else? Then we’d probably all be soaring in the atmosphere. Or something like that...

My grandfather was sent to an asylum few weeks after my birth. He simply stopped speaking, and only made growling sounds, and tried to kill himself several times. Every time I visit him, he seems nice. Even though we don’t really communicate, just his company makes me feel safe. The last word he said to me, I remember, was: “You will become something big. Something is expecting you, you just don’t know”. Was he referring to that blonde girl?

We all know the story of Rapunzel. She was locked in a tower, for all eternity. That was probably the first asylum. She was cut off from the outside world, and in the end had to escape using her ever so long hair.

The lady of Shalott. Again, a woman caught up in a tower, imposed a curse, making her unable to see the outside world, in any other way than through a mirror, catching the reflection from the outside through the window. She sees a man in the mirror, and falls in love with him, and escapes, even though she knows she’ll die.

Those stories can simply explain to us, that people locked in, will eventually go furthermore insane, and try to escape.

Several people who have been locked inside an asylum, says themselves that they were more insane when they left, than when they came.

We have started to cage people up for completely obscure reasons. People get locked up for something as simple as being suicidal. I know it’s a bad thing, but seriously?

Nobody is sane. Everybody has a little insanity in them. Nobody can say that they’ve never tasted the soap to see if it was actually as delicious as it smelled, that they’ve never watched far out porn while jerking off or that they’ve thought about how to kill themselves, or at least how they will die.

All, we are insane. A community of insanity. Insanity nation! That will be the name of my country.

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